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5 Things To Think About When Choosing a New Carpet

When it comes to choosing a carpet, it can be much harder than you think! There are so many things to consider from the colour and the material, to the softness and durability.

As we are a retailer of carpets in Sheffield, we thought we’d put together some things to think about when choosing a new carpet to help you with the process.

Here goes…

  1. Colour.
    The right colour carpet for you depends on a variety of things. Do you want the carpet to make a statement in the room? If so, go for something colourful. If not, stick with a neutral colour. Do you have kids or pets? If this is the case, it may be best to choose a colour that will not show stains or dirt too easily. What colour is the furniture you will be putting in the room? Make sure that your furniture colour ties in with your carpet to give your room the best look!
  2. Cleanability.
    Certain carpets are more cleanable than others, so this entirely depends on where the carpet will be and what the room will be used for. If you have young children or pets, we recommend you choose a carpet that can be easily cleaned as we all know how messy kids and pets can be!
  3. Durability.
    When you buy a new carpet, you want to buy one that will last! The durability of a carpet depends on the thickness or density of the carpet, the fibre it is made from and the way the carpet is constructed. Choose a carpet that feels great underfoot but make sure it is also durable too, especially if it will be in an area of your home or building that gets walked across a lot.
  4. Price.
    Before you go looking for a new carpet, have a price in mind of the budget you have. Don’t always go cheap, it might not last so will end up costing you more in the long run. Generally the price of a carpet is related to the quality of it, so this is something to consider. Style does contribute to the price too, so think about how important a certain style is for you and whether it is worth the extra cost.
  5. Type of Carpet.
    Different carpet types serve different purposes. It all depends on what you want and what you need for your specific situation. You need the best combination of plushness and durability for your situation. We would be happy to advice you on this at our carpet showroom in Sheffield.

We hope these five things help you on your way to finding your perfect carpet! If you need any further advice on this, our team would be happy to answer any questions you have. Pop down to our showroom to see our carpets in Sheffield or visit here to browse our carpets online.

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